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Peta: Fur


In January 2014 I became the new face of the anti fur campaign for PETA. I was really pleased to do this as I have always been against fur and have never worn it. Unfortunately there is a lot of animal cruelty in the world and fur is something that has been glamourised in the fashion industry over the years as something associated with style and wealth.

The truth of it is, a lot of fur is ripped from the skin of animals such as rabbits, foxes and even cats and dogs whilst they are still alive. The torture they go through to provide someone with a nice fur coat in truly unacceptable and it seems rather self involved and barbaric that people are knowledgeable of this and yet they continue to wear fur. There are brilliant alternatives these days with many clothing lines using faux fur, you wouldn’t even know the difference… Other than the massive drop in price and the lack of blood on your hands. To find out more please visit Fur page on

My second campaign for PETA was launched later in the year in October, I did it to try and encourage people to become vegetarian. Having been a vegetarian since the age of 6 I decided it was something I really wanted to do. Vegetarianism is a lot more common these days, back then I remember being one of 3 in my school. I am glad that people are becoming more aware of the suffering and ill conditions animals are put through before they are killed for meat. Not only does eating meat destroy the environment we are living in but it is cruel and unnecessary to live a healthy life. To find out more on this subject, please visit the Peta website.